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Azoturia Awareness

We have seen a marked increase over last few years in horses suffering from azoturia and though there are known genetic links and breeds that are prone, our yard visits and feed assessments find yard regimes contain a surprising amount of molasses, cane sugar, alcohol and soya. One well known product alone is actually 45% chopped straw, soya and molasses, though not the cause of azoturia type symptoms the combination is most likely, in my experience, safe to say a contributing factor in cases of 'tying up'.

The good news from all the veterinary research is that when symptoms occur without strenuous exercise - cases tend to resolve with simple dietary adjustments.

We have had great results with our Emergency Azoturia Tincture and follow up dried performance support mix which can be introduced to your horses daily ration gradually. We are happy to discuss options with you and help you return your horse to health and competition.

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