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Seasonal Changes & Laminitis

As we move further through spring this time of year is somewhat dreaded by the owners of laminitis prone horses. It's generally accepted that horses with a strong, healthy immune and circulatory system are less likely to suffer from these painful episodes, and whilst this is true, good, proactive management through the seasons and a keen eyed owner will lessen the chances even more so. The following useful tips will give your horse the best chance of avoiding laminitis : 1. Keep susceptible horses off too much lush pasture and fresh green feed, avoiding molasses and soya products where possible. 2. Provide suitable shade from heat as the days get warmer. 3. Provide warmer areas to shelter during spring cold snaps. 4. Don't expose horses to icy cold water when there's no opportunity to exercise them sufficiently. 5. Avoid exercise intermittently on hard surfaces. It is also very important to maintain a natural balanced hoof shape that aids circulation - good farriers know that this is critical. All Unwin Equine feed mixes contain the necessary natural ingredients to promote good general health and our popular Laminitis Support Mix includes additional herbs for those prone to the condition. Visit our products page to read more about this mix!

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