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Allergy Alert! How the seasonal changes can affect your horse

Due to the rise in population growth within the UK we face ever decreasing air quality both in cities and our countryside. Modern industrial farming with its avoidance of crop rotation and heavy use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers means our horses and ourselves face more respiratory pressure than at any time in our history. The intensive growing of heavy pollutants such as rapeseed encouraged by high government subsidies means vast areas of the country turn yellow every year resulting in untold physical irritation to countless people and animals. Native trees along with feed additives such as soya, wheat, molasses and alfalfa can all trigger allergic reactions in our horses leading to such symptoms as:

- Weeping/blinking/irritated eyes - Respiratory distress and wheezing

- Behavioural issues

- Loss of energy

- Heaves

- Spots on the muzzle

In our modern world the list of possible irritants is endless. While severe reactions prompt veterinary care, natural approaches and sound mangement can be very useful in reducing hyper-sensitive reactions. Professional herbal blends that support the nervous, digestive and immune system will help to resolve milder cases providing much needed relief to suffering animals. Our own Allergy Support Mix provides good long term prospects by helping to clear histamine from the blood, calming over-sensitivity while complimenting conventional veterinary treatment plans.

For more information on this mix please visit our product page

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