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Winter Blues - Respiratory Infections

Horses with healthy immune systems may still succumb to occasional and seasonal chest, sinus and throat infections just like their owners. Though occurrence may be related to recent stress, fatigue or winter chills, more often than not the animal simply develops a temperature, cough and some mild lethargy while the immune system gets to work to try and fight off the infection. In such cases, typically lasting around 3 days, the best natural defence is a chest and immunity mix of herbs that will help prevent against a bout of viral and bacterial infection. Some useful winter additions to your winter feed regime include;

  • Rosehips

  • Garlic

  • Elecampagne

  • Thyme

  • Lemon juice in the drinking water has also been proven to help.

Our Respiratory Support Mix provides a wonderful blend of herbs and minerals which naturally support the chest and upper respiratory system while helping to boost general health during these cold winter months.

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